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Another Romania video – Busteni

This video was from another mountain hike, though this one was more of a climb, and a climb for which we were woefully unprepared! The mountain in the opening shots is the one we are climbing. It’s pretty vertical for many stretches and has warnings at the bottom trying to keep anyone off that doesn’t have the right equipment and preparation.

Equipment would be little things like hiking boots in place of my tennis shoes which are basically slicks. Or enough water. Preparation would be things like adjusting to high altitude. Like I said we were woefully unprepared.

Three hours up I got sick. Quite sick. I had to leave the group to find a place to get sick. Then I didn’t know if the group was above me or had descended past me. I waited, still sick and now without any water. Oh, and I discovered that stinging nettles can cling to the rock face of mountains. I won’t tell you how I made that discovery, though it was very uncomfortable for the next couple of days. I decided, very foolishly I knew even at the time, that I had to get down off the mountain. So I descended slowly to a little waterfall that had a horizontal spot to rest. (That was when I took the video of the waterfall you’ll see) I had a little drink from the stream and waited then noticed the black clouds rolling over the summit above me and felt a couple drops. And then, basically, I panicked. I knew I’d never make it down in my slick shoes if it was wet. So I went down the rest of the way myself. I was really dehydrated and it took about two hours. They caught up to me right when I reached the bottom.

I didn’t get much video of the climb because it was just too technical to have the camera out.

Anyway – I felt a bit better after getting down and we decided to take the cable car to the top. I was assured that they had ‘facilities’ at the top. And we were told that it was a 15 min wait at the top to come down (it was over an hour wait to go up).

So we got to the top and the altitude (surprise, surprise) got me again (or maybe it was the bear, deer and wild boar I ate the night before). No facilities. Mob scene at the cable car to get down. Took over three hours to get back off the mountain.

I have not had a day where I’ve felt that bad for so long in a long time!

So here’s the video. I shot so little footage that I decided to use slo-mo as an effect to fit the music, but mostly just because I didn’t have much to work with.

The music for the video is Song For Waiting by The OaKs

Russia Pics

While I’m waiting for the copier to warm up so I can print this month’s newsletter I thought I’d share some pictures from Moscow. It was VERY cold (high of 13 or 14C (55-57F)each day – that’s really cold for a Floridian!) and it rained most of the time. It wasn’t good picture taking weather!

St. Basil’s self portrait – You can’t go to Moscow without a picture here!

The Red Wings have been popular in Russia since the days of the Sergei and Igor and the rest.

More to come later….

A Day in Romania – Poiana Brasov

Here is a video I made just using the point and shoot camera I had on hand. This was on our day off. We went up into the mountains in Transylvania. It starts out at Bran Castle (Vlad the Impaler – also known as dracula!) and goes to Rasnov which is a fortress with a city inside that dates to the early 13th century. The video ends with a hike at Poiana Brasov which is the premiere ski area in Romania.

The music is by The OaKs (of course!)

The Tastes of Bucharest

Toothy fish

My typical lunch in Bucharest. Teeth, fins, and eyeballs…


So from the title of this post alone you can probably figure out where this is going! Taxi rides anywhere in the world can strike terror in your heart at the very thought. It’s certainly the case here. In general people obey the traffic laws here and drive in a logical and predictable way. Predictably aggressive, yes, but at least you know that the cars are all going to be pushy.

The taxi however was completely unpredictable, and more aggressive than I have ever experienced, even in China! The streets are narrow and winding and driving is on the right side like America. We pulled up behind a line of maybe 6 cars waiting to go through an intersection (most are uncontrolled, no stop signs or lights). He overtakes them all on the wrong side of the road, goes through the intersection on the wrong side and on the other side of the intersection, predictably, is heading into oncoming traffic. Does he get back over on the right side? NO! Of course not, he’s a taxi! He jogs LEFT and keeps going down the street not only on the wrong side but totally making a new lane for himself to the LEFT of oncoming traffic.

You have to admire cab drivers who want to make good time for their riders.