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A Day in Romania – Poiana Brasov

Here is a video I made just using the point and shoot camera I had on hand. This was on our day off. We went up into the mountains in Transylvania. It starts out at Bran Castle (Vlad the Impaler – also known as dracula!) and goes to Rasnov which is a fortress with a city inside that dates to the early 13th century. The video ends with a hike at Poiana Brasov which is the premiere ski area in Romania.

The music is by The OaKs (of course!)

video test

This is a test to see how to embed this video on a page. It’s The OaKs playing “Old Bones” and was a huge test for me to see if I could edit together a credible live video using Windows Movie Maker. Yes, Final Cut would have been easier!

Since it’s kind of hard to hear the words being a live performance, here they are…

Old Bones

in the valley is a grave
a thousand years alone
and the masses held their sway
from underneath the ground
I’d rest there everyday
as it fell on my route
in the shade
I’d lay in the grass
and imagine those
old bones

I searched the valley over
but no words remained
to hold the stories
whether noble or slave
I stacked up stones
to wall it in
and chased the wild dogs
nose to the ground for
old bones

one day came a trembling
like a great voice spoke
the ground pushed open
and bones rose
sinews stretched their fingers
muscle layered on
skin unrolled itself
and an army stood of
old bones

Two pictures from FMF

Here are a couple of shots from the Florida Music Festival in Orlando. It was a really fun show even though we got drenched by a colossal downpour before we went on stage. At least it finished raining before we went on.

The OaKs at FMF 2007 main stage

That’s Melissa, Greg, Ryan, Matt, Jeremy, and my jeans under the keyboards.

Tim at FMF 2007 main stage

You can see more pictures by clicking here

Florida Music Festival

We just found out that we will be playing on the main festival stage on Thursday May 18! We’ll be opening for the Festival headliners Flogging Molly who are this Irish Folk/Punk band from L.A.


FMF stage

The best thing for me from a playing perspective is that it’s outside and it’s the main stage so we’ll have great sound which always makes it so much more fun to play.

One picture from The Backbooth

Thought I’d post one picture from a show with The OaKs last week.

Playing my accordion at the Backbooth with the Oaks