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Ellie Update

After three breathing treatments and a steroid dose Ellie’s blood oxygen finally came up to an acceptable level. Lisa got her home a bit before 11. And we finally got her settled into bed around midnight. It’s a bit before 6 am right now. It was a short night!

So were a bit behind on getting the van packed but it’s only a 6 hour drive today so even if we don’t get out of here until 11 we’ll be OK.

Getting Urgent

Ellie has taken a turn for the worse this afternoon and is coughing nonstop and having trouble breathing. Lisa has just taken her to the after hours clinic. We’re mostly packed to leave tomorrow morning so we’ll just have to see what the doctor says. Please pray for her.

Please pray!

Nothing urgent, but Ellie has been sick with a really bad cough since Tuesday and had a slight fever for three days. She is still coughing a lot. I’m feeling like I’m fighting it. It could make for a most unpleasant drive up to Michigan this week! Please pray that Ellie will get over this before we leave Monday and that the rest of us won’t catch it. Thanks!

Small details

Whenever anyone goes on a recording trip everything needs to be planned out very throughly. Every last cable, cord and connector must be accounted for, tested, and packed. Here is what it looked like while we were testing and packing.

Testing the gear

Both tables of equipment are what we are taking.

We have to think of ALL the details. For instance where we are going it’s 220 volts and the plugs are supposed to be 4.8 millimeter dual round prongs. But we know from previous trips that the regulations aren’t always followed everywhere in the country and so we are taking 4.0 millimeter prongs as well. It wouldn’t do if we couldn’t plug in!

4 and 4.8 millimeter plugs

So we have checked and packed everything now and done a sample recording on each computer just to be sure. This gets the thumbs up from my travel partner, John.
Ready to go

Out of the loop

So I caught the Golden Globe nominations a couple of days ago. I don’t know if it’s sad or if I’m a bit proud of the fact that I have never seen even a single episode of any nominated program. Not only that but I’ve not seen any of the nominated movies.

Since I’m in the film industry I should probably see more movies. I have seen my share of movies this year that are a year or two old. It’s just cheaper that way!